Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Same Shit

Hooray we made it to see a new year. I wish I could be more excited but it's still the first of the month which means bills are due. I had to party last night with a big bottle of Belvedere in order to forget about my worries for one night. I ended up kicking it with some friends at one of their friend's house. I kept it safe and low key because you know niggas love to start shit to bring in the new year. Anyway it's 2009 but we still got 2008 problems. The economy is still horrible. There is still a senseless war going on in the middle east. And Yung Berg is still rapping. Let's try to step it up for the new year. Men quit spending your rent money on drinks in the club. Women quit looking for a nigga in the club to pay yout rent. Let's have a sense of self worth this year. We got a black president; we're making progress now let's keep it up.

I was watching Andy Griffith this morning scratching my balls and had to stop quick...Here's why

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