Monday, January 12, 2009

Kanye West At It Again...Everyone Shield Your Eyes!!!

So I was on the internet and came across an article that Kanye West has plans of posing nude. He wants to break every "rule" in Hip Hop. As disturbing as the image of Mr. West nude may be, it would not be the first time a Hip Hop artist has posed nude. In 1991 Big Daddy Kane went against the grain and did a spread in playgirl. Another "rule" Kanye was claiming to break was singing for an album when Andre 3000 already did that, and did it better in my opinion. I'm a fan of Kanye's music but his outside antics and rants are becoming more and more unacceptable. I also don't like anyone attempting to take credit for starting a trend that was in place before him. As of yet Kanye hasn't started on trend in Hip Hop, be it soul samples, rocking high end clothing, or as disgusting as it may be, posing nude. Kanye West needs to just focus on making music and leave the exterior bullshit out of the equation. P360 Takeover Volume 2 drops January 20!!!!

Ye needs to leave the nudity up to the pros like Rita G who is bomb as hell in this video...if decides to bare all I might have to do what she did...minus the clothing removal and sexiness

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