Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Chris Brown Larry King Live Interview

Alright so what do you do when you're headed to the Grammys and you're arguably the biggest male solo pop star in the industry and you spazz out and beat the tar out of your girlfriend who happens to be the biggest female pop star in the industry? If you're Chris Brown you completely bitch up and try to fool people into loving you again. This high yellow nigga went from wearing Billioinaire Boys Club to V-Neck Sweaters and bow ties. Every piece of video f Chris Brown that has been released post RiRi beat down have been lame attempts to recapture his place back in pop culture's heart. I don't buy any of it. Beat-A-Hoe-Down Brown just isn't keeping it 100. Here is his first full interview since the incident where he is getting drilled by Larry King.