Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Keri Hilson with Lil Wayne On Jimmy Kimmel

50 Cent vs Rick Ross Mortal Kombat Style! LMAO

Check this vid out it's hilarious!

Men Save 18 Month Old Baby's Life

Finally some GOOD NEWS! Robert Lemire of Lawrence, MA and Alex Day were walking outside of their apartment building last night and saw 18 month old Caliah Clark dangling from a window. She eventually fell 30 feet from the ground and was caught by two men. The father was putting his youngest to bed and said the window must've came unlatched because of his eldest two son unlocking it and throwing toys out the window. All I can say is is this man owes his a lot to these two men, one of whom was heading out for pizza and the other for bible study. It's kind of refreshing to see good news for a change although this event could've been very tragic.

Friday, March 27, 2009

President Obama Unveils His plan For Afghanistan

President Obama unveiled his plan to send 4,000 troops to Afghanistan to keep Taliban rule out of the country and to dismantle al-Qaida. Here is a news conference from earlier this morning.

So Much For A Dipset Reunion

So as much as I'm a fan of Cam'ron I totally disagree with his pig headed approach to coming back together with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. I know not everyone was a Diplomats fan but they were definitely trendsetters from 2002-2006. After a behind the scenes fall out the core members of Dipset disbanded. I believe that although it is not his obligation to sacrifice his personal opinion for the sake of the fan's enjoyment but I really wish these guys would get it together. Here is Cam denying a possible reunion.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

J Cole, First Artist Signed To Jay-Z's Roc Nation Label On OnDaSpot Radio

Here is the first taste of Jay-Z's new artist J Cole. Interview and freestyle. Enjoy.

6 Year Old Number Whiz

This 6 year old is definitely something special, with an IQ higher than Einstein's, check him out.

New Slaughterhouse video "Move On"

I've been waiting for this supergroup to drop their first video. Slaughterhouse consists of Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9", and Crooked I. Four of the best independent rappers in the game. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Throwback Biggie Performance On Showtime At The Apollo

I really miss this dude. He had it all, lyrics, swag, live show, club and radio appeal. The true King of NY.

A Dipset Reunion Might Actually Happen

Om Hot 97 yesterday jim Jones reached out to long time friend and recent rival Cam'ron about a possible Diplomats reuninon. Jim and Cam have been throwing darts of ridicule at each other as of late and basically ruled out them ever working together. In their heyday the Diplomats were one of the most influential movements in Hip Hop. A reunion would definitely be a small step at bringing New York Hip Hop in the right direction.

President Barack Obama News Conference

In this news conference Tuesday night President Obama once again drives the point home about the mishandling of AIG and says that he is confident that the once stalled American economy is on the right track to recovery.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

President Barack Obama on 60 Minutes

Check out yet another great in depth interview with the President this past Sunday.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sad Day In Oakland

4 Oakland police officers and the 27 year old suspect were killed Saturday in what started out as a routine traffic stop. Motorcycle officers pulled over Lavell Mixon, a man on the runfor violating parole, when he began to open fire on them he then fled to a friend's house barricaded himself inside and once again opened fire on the police with an assault rifle until he was killed himself. All of this comes in the wake of the Oscar Grant killing and I have mixed feelings about the incident. Although my heart goes out to the families of all the victims I believe in the line of work the officers are in and in the lifestyle that Mixon chose to live death is something you face everyday and it caught up to them all that day. Tensions are high in Oakland right now and I do not believe this is the last of the people vs. the police.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally A Flying Car!!!!!

Check this out someone finally developed a flying car......

Teacher Forces 5 Year Old To Eat From The Trash

A kindergarten teacher from Bridgeport, CT is under fire for making her student eat a bannana he threw away during he lunch. Don't the children need more fruit and vegetables anyway? Full story below

President Obama on Jay Leno

President Barack Obama hit the Jay Leno show Thursday night with his swagger on full tilt. He broke down problems with AIG and even revealed his pic for the NCAA championship. Check out the full interview.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strollin' Down Memory Lane

Yo I miss the sound of traditional Hip Hop. I got into rap at a very young age but around 1990 I developed an understanding for the craft Here are some unsung classics from my youth.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't Forget To Download P360 Takeover Volume 2!!!!!!

Click The Cover To Download Mixtape...Support Real Hip Hop
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Love Hip Hop

Watch Public Enemy perform "Bring The Noise" with The Roots

Kid Cudi Says He's Going To Quit After His First Album

Alright now I'm a fan of music but when I heard the news that Kid Cudi is going to "retire" after his first album drops I lost some respect for him. He sites ridicule from his peers and loss of friends as his reasons for doing so. I may be wrong for judging but he is in a position I and countless others would kill to be in. I just saw him last week on tour with Common. He's co signed by one of the hottest rappers in the world, Kanye West, and has a solid fan base across the world. I truly believe he needs to develop thicker skin because he is not the first person to endure the pain of making it as an artist in the music industry. I find it hard to believe no one warned him he would lose friends and family would talk bad about him, that's all a part of the game homey. The fans are not here here to sympathize for you for being famous and making money. The fans are here to listen to and critique your music, that's it and that's all. Whatever his "retirement" just means that's one more vacant spot in the game for me, Holla!!!
Click the pic for his full "I Quit" blog

Monday, March 16, 2009

OMAYGA at MIddle East in Cambridge, MA 3-15-09

I had a show last night at Middle East Upstairs and it was pretty dope. I was backed by just a DJ and guitar and it was a different experience. I had lots of fun and am looking forward to my next show in Boston next month at Bill's Bar. Here are some pics from that night.

Fresh wit the aviators

Me and the homey Seeqs gettin' it in

Rockin' it with MusicBox

Me and Andrew Michael Burri

DJ V-Fresh

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bernard Madoff Faces 150 Years In Prison

Bernard Madoff, who was arrested December 11, 2009 for heading a Ponzi scheme which cost investors tens of billions of dollars, was sent to jail yesterday. The crowd cheered when the judge denied Madoff time out of jail until sentencing. With the recession raging out of control this is something to smile about. Watch the full story below.

My Favorite West Coast MC's Who Haven't Dropped An Album Yet

Now I gave you my top 5 MC's yesterday and I'm going to bring it home to the west today. Here are the 5 MC's to look out for from California who have yet to drop...these dudes got heat.


Jay Rock

Nipsey Hussle

Crooked I


Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 5 Favorite MC's Who Haven't Dropped An Album Yet

Here are my five favorite MC's who have yet to release their debut album(I excluded Saigon and Joell Ortiz from this list because they have dropped independent projects):

Charles Hamilton

Cory Gunz

Mickey Factz

Serius Jones


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wait Til I Get My Money Right

Man oh man this recession hurts. So I spent money I shouldnt've on a Mickey Factz concert last night and it was worth every penny. I did the same with Common the night before, While I was in the crowd at the House of Blues in Boston to see Common I was thinking, "I was part of the first band to ever play that stage and I will be back on it soon". While I was in the crowd at the Mickey Factz show the next night I was checking out the opening acts and they were getting minimal crowd response and I was thinking to myself, "I could rock the hell out of this room". Unfortunately the promoter, who will remain nameless, of this concert who I've met on different occasions refuses to let me open for any acts he brings into town and never returns an email or myspace message. He has my music and believe me it is definitely better than the trash he puts on stage to open up for the big name acts he brings in. I feel so slighted when I go to a concert that this man puts on because I know I'm going broke giving money to a man who doesn't want to give me a chance, but, I love Hip Hop so much I put those feelings to the back of my head and go to the show. Then the next morning comes and my stomach is growling like crazy and I rethink my decision. Was spending my last little bit of money on a show really worth the hunger pains I'm experiencing right now? Should I have just kicked it outside and passed out flyers for my show at the same venue this Sunday night? As much as I want to stay on the path to achieving my dream of making it in this music industry those questions still rise up every now and again. When those questions arise just reflect on the gifts God has given me and things start to fall into perspective. The trail to greatness has never been easy for anyone so the adversity I face only makes me stronger and molds my will to succeed. So promoters can front on me all they want, oppurtunities can be scarce, money can be low but in the words of my favorite rapper, Jay-Z, I will not lose!

I'm going to make it and you can't tell me nothing!
I'm going to make it and you can't tell me nothing!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Common Live At The House OF Blues In Boston

So I hit the box office at 5pm to see if tickets are sold out for the and the lady says no. At that moment I knew I was in for something inspirational. The newly built House Of Blues was packed with Hip Hop fans anxious to see a good show. The opening act was Kid Cudi who hit the stage decked out in a lether jacket, white tee, skinny jeans and custom kicks. He came out to Kanye West's newest single "Welcome To Heartbreak" and that immediately got the attention of the crowd. He than ripped through his song "Down And Out", "Man On The Moon", and "Sky Might Fall". Then the drums hit for his runaway hit song "Day N Nite". The crowd went crazy. Kid Cudi gave a solid opening performance reminiscent of Kanye West when he first hit the scene.
About a half hour after Kid Cudi left the stage it was time for the main event. Common bolted onto the stage with his track "Announcement" off of his Universal Mind Control Album. Backed by DJ Dummy and keyboardist Smurf he then went into crowd favorites such as, "Go", "I Used To Love Her", and "The People". He pulled a young lady on to the stage to perform his hit "Come Close" and while doing a Hip Hop tribute over the "Love Of My Life' instrumental broke up and ensuing fight between two ladies, very classy. He gave his DJ shine for a 5 minute solo set and did the same with his keyboard and the crowd stayed amped the whole time. He broke out in freestyles by aking the crowd for a word to go off of and even invited people from th crowd to break dance with him during his Universal Mind Control Album. He closed his set with ,encore included, with his song "The Food" off of his Be album. I luckinly got the chance to meet him after the show after hearing from security he wouldn't be signing aurtographs or anything. It was a great night that not only rejuvenated my love for Common's music but for Hip Hop as well.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Joe Budden Has Beef With JAMN 94.5 in Boston

In a recent show at Middle East in Boston, a venue where I'll be performing Sunday night, Joe Budden had issues with the stage being filled with men who had nothing to do with the show. He demanded repeatedly that the stage be cleared and while on stage he demanded that once again saying "I don't want a sausage fest up here and i know how to fight". In an unaired interview with JAMN 94.5 with DJ On & On, the host of that show, Edo G and a DJ Next the creative director Joe Budden's label (Amalgam Digital) which is based in Boston, Joe Budden was banned from the city. Joe called in to JAMN last night to clear things up and had words for DJ On & On. Listen to the interviews below.

Here is the interview where Budden was banned from Boston

Here is Budden calling in to JAMN 94.5

Friday, March 6, 2009

Unemployment Rate at 8.1%!!!!

The jobless rate hit 8.1% as February ended. The worst percentage since 1982. Things are only seeming to get worse. Analysts say that this figure comes from businesses panic in September/October/November and that the affects of President Obama's stimulus plan should be felt in the coming months. Here is full MSNBC analysis of the present economy, please watch....

Rihanna/Chris Brown Police Report Released

I've been trying avoid full on coverage of this topic because all the facts weren't all in place yet. Yesterday Fox 11 news in LA released what was said by Rihanna and the specifics of what was done by Chris Brown. That dude completely spazzed out and went off the deep end. His actions were that of a savage and not a man. Honestly, it may be immoral of me but I would excuse if a dude slipped up and slapped his girl. Chris Brown far exceeded that. Punching a woman repeatedly and biting is unexcusable. They have apparently reconciled and have been spotted together recently. It isn't my positon to judge what goes on in their relationship but what I do know is Chris crossed the line and his career may not be over but is forever changed. As much as we hate to admit it we are a forgiving people and as long as you have hot music on the air the listener will forget what you have done or what you have been accused of doing (R. Kelly has sold over 6 millon albums in the US since his scandals with child pornography). Chris Brown has hired the same promo team as Mel Gibson to figure out how to bounce back from this fiasco. He's going to need all the help he can get.
Here's the full news story about the car incident with Chriahanna (I can't believe I just called them Chrihanna)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Mean Really...Calling 911 Because McDonald's Ran Out Of Nuggets

Okay so in this is just too ghetto for your own good news, a Florida woman was arrested for misusing 911. She called three times to report that McDonald's had run out of McNuggets and was offering her another menu item instead of a refund. This is too much for me. In what state of mind must you have to be in to believe no McNuggets can ever warrant a 911 call? Besides any person knows that in any McDonald's related incident you should call officer Big Mac. Click pic for news coverage.

Rhymefest Setting The Record Straight

Another under the radar ill MC who deserves mass attention. Peep Rhymefest go in...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OMAYGA Live In Boston

Check me out shutting down Bill's Bar 2/6/09

New Lil Wayne Video "Prom Queen"

This nigga might really win with this rock angle, I mean he could take a dump on record and sell units right now. Check out his new joint.