Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wait Til I Get My Money Right

Man oh man this recession hurts. So I spent money I shouldnt've on a Mickey Factz concert last night and it was worth every penny. I did the same with Common the night before, While I was in the crowd at the House of Blues in Boston to see Common I was thinking, "I was part of the first band to ever play that stage and I will be back on it soon". While I was in the crowd at the Mickey Factz show the next night I was checking out the opening acts and they were getting minimal crowd response and I was thinking to myself, "I could rock the hell out of this room". Unfortunately the promoter, who will remain nameless, of this concert who I've met on different occasions refuses to let me open for any acts he brings into town and never returns an email or myspace message. He has my music and believe me it is definitely better than the trash he puts on stage to open up for the big name acts he brings in. I feel so slighted when I go to a concert that this man puts on because I know I'm going broke giving money to a man who doesn't want to give me a chance, but, I love Hip Hop so much I put those feelings to the back of my head and go to the show. Then the next morning comes and my stomach is growling like crazy and I rethink my decision. Was spending my last little bit of money on a show really worth the hunger pains I'm experiencing right now? Should I have just kicked it outside and passed out flyers for my show at the same venue this Sunday night? As much as I want to stay on the path to achieving my dream of making it in this music industry those questions still rise up every now and again. When those questions arise just reflect on the gifts God has given me and things start to fall into perspective. The trail to greatness has never been easy for anyone so the adversity I face only makes me stronger and molds my will to succeed. So promoters can front on me all they want, oppurtunities can be scarce, money can be low but in the words of my favorite rapper, Jay-Z, I will not lose!

I'm going to make it and you can't tell me nothing!
I'm going to make it and you can't tell me nothing!

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