Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Common Live At The House OF Blues In Boston

So I hit the box office at 5pm to see if tickets are sold out for the and the lady says no. At that moment I knew I was in for something inspirational. The newly built House Of Blues was packed with Hip Hop fans anxious to see a good show. The opening act was Kid Cudi who hit the stage decked out in a lether jacket, white tee, skinny jeans and custom kicks. He came out to Kanye West's newest single "Welcome To Heartbreak" and that immediately got the attention of the crowd. He than ripped through his song "Down And Out", "Man On The Moon", and "Sky Might Fall". Then the drums hit for his runaway hit song "Day N Nite". The crowd went crazy. Kid Cudi gave a solid opening performance reminiscent of Kanye West when he first hit the scene.
About a half hour after Kid Cudi left the stage it was time for the main event. Common bolted onto the stage with his track "Announcement" off of his Universal Mind Control Album. Backed by DJ Dummy and keyboardist Smurf he then went into crowd favorites such as, "Go", "I Used To Love Her", and "The People". He pulled a young lady on to the stage to perform his hit "Come Close" and while doing a Hip Hop tribute over the "Love Of My Life' instrumental broke up and ensuing fight between two ladies, very classy. He gave his DJ shine for a 5 minute solo set and did the same with his keyboard and the crowd stayed amped the whole time. He broke out in freestyles by aking the crowd for a word to go off of and even invited people from th crowd to break dance with him during his Universal Mind Control Album. He closed his set with ,encore included, with his song "The Food" off of his Be album. I luckinly got the chance to meet him after the show after hearing from security he wouldn't be signing aurtographs or anything. It was a great night that not only rejuvenated my love for Common's music but for Hip Hop as well.


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