Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kid Cudi Says He's Going To Quit After His First Album

Alright now I'm a fan of music but when I heard the news that Kid Cudi is going to "retire" after his first album drops I lost some respect for him. He sites ridicule from his peers and loss of friends as his reasons for doing so. I may be wrong for judging but he is in a position I and countless others would kill to be in. I just saw him last week on tour with Common. He's co signed by one of the hottest rappers in the world, Kanye West, and has a solid fan base across the world. I truly believe he needs to develop thicker skin because he is not the first person to endure the pain of making it as an artist in the music industry. I find it hard to believe no one warned him he would lose friends and family would talk bad about him, that's all a part of the game homey. The fans are not here here to sympathize for you for being famous and making money. The fans are here to listen to and critique your music, that's it and that's all. Whatever his "retirement" just means that's one more vacant spot in the game for me, Holla!!!
Click the pic for his full "I Quit" blog

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