Friday, February 27, 2009

DMX: A Man Fighting Demons

DMX was accused of attacking a prison guard Thursday. this only adds to his recent troubles. Since the beginning of 2008 one of my favorite rappers DMX has been faced with adversity tome and time again. He has become no stranger to the law. He appears to be really fighting demons in his life. He's been to jail and rehab numerous times in 2008. DMX still maintains he is a "jewel of God" and that is why the Devil works so hard on him. Tabloids such as TMZ and Bossip have had a field day with DMX's troubles but I am genuinely concerned for a man who went from multi platinum selling artist to convicted felon constantly on the run from the police. Here is how his 2008 went:

[January 11, 2008]
DMX is ordered to pay $1.5 million in damages to Maryland native Monique Wayne, who sued in October 2006 for defamation, false statements and unreasonable publicity, after X told Sister 2 Sister magazine that she raped him while he was sleeping. The suit, however, will be dismissed on appeal in May, and X won’t have to pay.

[March 2008]
DMX is stopped for speeding in Cave Creek, Arizona, where he reportedly owes more than $3,600 in traffic fines.

[April 2008]
DMX is arrested for a firearms violation and driving with a suspended license, after allegedly failing to pay an entry fee at a park in Arizona’s Maricopa County. According to County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, X “tried to run away [and] destroyed some of the park resources.”

[May 6, 2008]
DMX is arrested by officers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety on charges of racing on a highway, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment and three counts of criminal speed. The arrest comes after photos taken by traffic cameras along a freeway in Scottsdale in January catch X driving a yellow ’66 Chevy Nova II at 114 miles per hour. The speed limit there is 65.

[May 9, 2008]
Around 3 a.m., Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies, on a search warrant, perform a second raid on DMX’s Scottsdale home, where they reportedly find five malnourished dogs and marijuana. X is arrested on four counts of marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia. A previous raid, which took place in August 2007, uncovered a dozen malnourished pit bulls and drugs, leading to seven misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and four counts of felony drug possession. “I’m very tough on animal cruelty,” says Sheriff Arpaio. “If you look at his history, in ’99, I think he had 13 animal-cruelty charges, pleaded guilty and took fines. So if you look at it, he’s got a pretty long record.”

According to X’s uncle and former manager Ray Copeland, X had appointed a caretaker, when he moved in, to look after the home and the dogs while he was away. “The caretaker left the house abruptly ’cause of some situation he got involved in,” says Copeland, adding that animal abuse is not in his nephew’s character. “X treats dogs better than he treats humans. That guy’s the best dog lover in the world.”

[May 16, 2008]
DMX pleads not guilty to charges stemming from the 2007 raid.

[June 23, 2008]
DMX is arrested in Miami for driving with a suspended license and later released, after posting a $500 bond. On recommendation from his longtime lawyer, Murray Richman, he hires attorney Bradford Cohen (a former contestant on The Apprentice, who has represented Vanilla Ice and Dennis Rodman) to handle his case in Miami. Cohen finds no record of X having a license at all, so the charge is switched to driving without a valid license. X later receives a $200 fine, and the case is closed.

[June 27, 2008]
DMX is arrested in Miami for attempting to purchase cocaine and marijuana. Police reports state that X approached an undercover officer and asked for “30 powder and 15 weed.” X is handcuffed after handing over the cash and faces up to five years if convicted. X’s longtime friend and former road manager Mark “Po” Dean (brother of Ruff Ryders founders Dee and Waah Dean) was there. He and X were driving in a rented jeep, Po says, on their way to the Hollywood Beach part of Miami. On the way, X stopped to meet up with an associate from Arizona at an apartment complex. “As we went inside, it was just a strange eerie feeling he had,” Po remembers. “And he was like, ‘You know what, these dudes, they look funny. They don’t look like regular dudes that’s been around.’ When he got out the vehicle, I didn’t go with him. He walked around the corner, and then the next thing I know, they came back around the corner, said they was arresting him. He didn’t mention that he was trying to go do anything.” “I didn’t buy no coke,” says X. “Everybody knows what I have a problem with. Why would I buy coke?”

[July 2, 2008]
While awaiting scheduled court dates for the driving and drug charges in Miami, X misses a court date in Arizona. The judge issues a bench warrant and $25,000 bond. “That means, essentially, if he’s picked up [outside of Arizona], he can bond out in the state of Arizona,” explains Cohen. DMX is arrested for the bond violation as soon as he steps off a plane in Arizona and is later released. “He’s always getting off,” says Sherriff Arpaio. “He goes to Florida, he gets arrested… These justices keep letting him out. He seems to be released on bond all the time, and he skips… He’s led a charmed life. It’s about to stop.”

The Dollar In Zimbabwe Is Worthless

Zimbabwean dollars have no value in their country. Gold is the only currency accepted. The people of Zimbabwe are forced to pan the waters and mine mountains daily for food, soap and other necessities. Disabled and elderly people who are unable to pan for gold either depend on younger family to pan for them or end up dying of hunger. People are resorting to feeding their families rats or face dying. There is nothing to harvest. The government offers no help in this time of crisis. School is not an option for children they must mine and pan for gold all day everyday. Without 0.3 grams of gold you will not survive in Zimbabwe. This is a serious problem please watch the video below....

Former Wrestling Champion Looking At Murder Charge

I've been a big wrestling fan since I was a kid so this story troubles me. Minneapolis police are debating whether or not to charge fromer wrestling champion Verne Gagne, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease with the murder of fellow nursing home patient Ben Goodman. Goodman was killed when Gagne threw him to the floor. Gagne says he does not remember the altercation at all. Goodman's own family even says although they are extremely upset over the loss they are not adamant on pressing charges. Is there really a question of whether or not you should convict this man? Murderers plead temporary insanity all the time yet we question whether or not to convict a man in his 90's who suffers from Alzheimer's? Come on now..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Jamie Foxx Video "Blame It ft. T-Pain"

I love this joint in the club. He pulled out heavy hitters Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker and Ron Howard for cameos as well as guest spots from Quincy Jones, Cedric The Entertainer, Morris Chestnut, Alex Thomas, Tatyana Ali and Bill Bellamy. This video is major.

Should I Get Used To The Ignorance?

The mayor of Los Alamitos sent out an email that had a picture of the White House lawn replaced with a watermelon patch and the caption read 'No Easter egg hunt this year". Now the NY Post cartoon could've gotten away with saying that the chimpanzee being shot represented congress and not the President but this one is just shear racism. The mayor also stated that he was unaware that the cartoon was racist and was just trying to be funny. That's a lie because there's nothing funny about watermelons! Unless you're talking about how black people consume them in a mass quantity. This cartoon ironicaly surfaced the day after President Obama deliverd a great congressional address. I'm waiting for the next cartoon, maybe it'll be President Obama in a velvet suit rocking a hat with a feather in it pimp slapping Michelle telling her "Bitch get my money!' but I don't want to give away any ideas. Check out the news report below

Remember Soul For Real.....

Well if you do you'll be shocked to hear that former Soul For Real singer Brian Dalyrimple is on the run from Atlanta police in connectin with an identity fraud case. He is currently on the run with his 10 month old son. There are more than 260 victims involved in this identity theft ring who've lost a collective $1 million. Damn I used to love "Candy Rain".

Here is the WSBS TV news story

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama Addresses Congress

President Obama delivered a speech last night that addressed a wide array of issues which included the stimulus plan, tax cuts, regaining bank confidence, clean energy. outsourcing, healthcare reform, education, national debt, the war in Iraq and American torture in Guantanamo Bay. His statements did more than display a problem but delivered solutions. What stuck out to me the most is his projection of making college affordable for 7 million more students entering school. His quote, "The ones who out teach us today will out lead us in the future" is very true and his focus on education gives me hope for the future, a hope that has bee absent for the past 8 years. Dare i say his "swag" was on full tilt as he laid down the plan for what needs to be done in the nation. I guess Obama represents change after all.

For those who missed it last night here is his speech in its entirety

Problems In The Church Again...

32 year old Minneapolis choir director/gospel artist Greg Washington was arrested Tuesday for the second time in five years and statutory rape charges. He already had a baby in 2003 with a teenage girl. This man has serious problems and needs help, click on the box for the full story.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Condoleeza Rice is Getting Gwap!!

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice just inked a book deal with Crown publishing worth $2.5 million. The first book will document her time in the white house from 2001-2009. This joint is a for sure best seller. We can finally know how she really felt during the Bush presidency. Click the box to Rice letting loose on Bush's former cabinet

The Bay Area Is Really Thinking Green

The San Francisco Bay Area is once again attempting to legalize marijuana. State legislator Tom Ammiano has proposed a bill that could possibly generate hundreds of millions of dollars in marijuana tax revenue. California Governor Schwarzenegger is against the bill (surprise) and California would still have to get pass the federal government before we're getting high legally. I am actually against the legalization of marijuana for another reason. There are many cigarette companies waiting to sell weed legally. I represent the streets and am against taking the money out of the hustler's hands and giving it to corporate America. I know it's every pothead's dream to legalize weed but there are other regulations that may be put on the weed that becomes legal such as a dreaded lower THC count. I don't trust this bill it seems too good to be true, besides al that glitters ain't gold.

Here's the CBS report on Tom Ammiano's proposal

Here's something to smoke to...New Spider Loc ft. Nipsey Hussle "Smoke 1 Wit Us"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Couple Loves Being Jobless

After I watched this video I couldn't help but to conclude that these two either sell or use drugs...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Is America Scared To Talk About Race?

It seems like this nation's problems with race relations have taken a back seat to other issues we must handle. Speaking as a black man I know racism is still prevalent. Here is a great debate between one of my favorite authors, Michael Eric Dyson and Pat Buchanan. I love how they were having technical difficulties while Michael Eric Dyson was owning Pat Buchanan.

New Kid Cudi Video "Day N Nite"

This is my joint right now...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something Is Definitely Wrong With This...

Here is video of a 2 year smoking a cigarette and cursing in his native tongue with his parents, this looks way too natural for a toddler

I Thought Obama Represented Change, I Guess Not

Here is racist cartoon that has caught natoinal attention. It was published in the New York Post.

This is just another reminder no matter how far we've come there are alway those trying to bring us back.

I've Ignored It Long Enough: 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross

Now if you don't know, Rick Ross an 50 Cent are currently engaging in Hip Hop battle. The beef apparently stems from 50 Cent giving Ross a dirty look at the 2008 BET Awards. Rick Ross threw the first shot when he mentioned 50's son's mother in his song "Mafia Music". Then 50 responded with a song entitled "Officer Ricky (Go Ahead And Try Me)". Rick Ross, seeming unamused gave 50 Cent 48 hours to do something better. 50 then responded with a shocking action by flying Ross' son's mother, Tia Kemp, (who Rick Ross is on horrible terms with and is writing a tell all book about him) to New York for an interview and shopping spree. He also exposed that Rick Ross has another child by a call girl by the name of Brooke. He has also released cartoons mocking his correctional officer past which have included jabs at DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown, even Chris Brown and Rihanna. 50 also turned an attempted diss into a joke by starting the "Pimpin Curly" skits in response to Rick Ross saying that they call 50 Curly in the south. A heavy blow came when 50 Cent put out the song "Tia Told Me" which even eluded to the fact that he and Ross son's mother had even been intimate. Ross has responded by releasing more diss tracks "Push Em Over A Ledge", "Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly" and "Don't Count The Boss Out" but they have not garnered the same buzz as 50's efforts. I'm a fan of both their music but this battle is looking pretty one sided right now especially with 50 Cent using as a constant attack mechanism, Ross definitely has to come harder.
Click the box for the complete rundown..

Twitter Is Out Of Control!!!

Tuesday night Solange Knowles bka Beyonce's little sister collapsed after attending the opening of an Armani store in New York. The reason for her collapse was an overdose on nyquil pills. The true problem is that she was tweeting her entire ordeal through Her fans received updates on her being sick up to her waking up in the hospital with IV in her arm. I for one enojy the internet and love how it can connect such a massive amount of people but when you're on twitter from a hospital bed things have lost control. Where are your priorities when the first thing you want to do after waking up from losing consciousness is hop on the internet? This disturbs me and makes me fear technology at the same time

This girl is crazy anyway peep her goin hard at a reporter

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SEX! At The House Of Blues in Boston

Last night my band, SEX!, was the first band to perform at the newly built House of Blues in Boston. It was a privelage and an honor. The crowd was awesome as were the accomodations. I'm still wearing my "all access" wristband right now. There were many industry execs and high profile people in the audience as well. The buzz of the night was Dan Akroyd was in attendance but I did not get the chance to meet him. There will definitely be photos and videos of last nights festivities coming soon, stay tuned...

I'm not gonna lie even though I was in Boston I felt like Pac on stage at The House Of Blues in LA...I even rocked with my shirt off

This Shit Is Crazy!!! Former Commercial Chimp Attacks Owner!

Check out this wild 911 call....

This chimpanzee appeared in Old Navy and Coca-Cola ads in

Another One Bites The Dust In MLB Steroid Scandal

Yet another MLB star has been exposed for sterid usage. Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has admitted to taking a banned substance during his tenure with the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003. This brings another dark cloud over the "steriod era" of baseball and adds A-Rod to the list of baseball players such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi and Roger Clemens who have had their careers tainted by substance abuse. A-Rod addressed the media yesterday and was pretty vague about the specifics of the banned substance he was using. Baseball is my favorite sport ever and it kills me to see athletes I admired to go down one by one for sreroid use.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Knew Aubrey Was A Freak

Aubrey O'Day formerly of Danity Kane admitted she was bi sexual...

Click the box to see her Playboy pics

Is Anyone Still Scared Of Suge Knight?

Once upon a time Suge Knight was the most intimidating figure in Hip Hop. Now with his music off the radar for over ten years he seems less and less threatening everyday. With pictures of him lying bloody and unconscious outside of an LA club surfacing not too long ago Mr. Knight has been knocked out again. He is currently in the hospital after suffering a beat down at an NBA All Star game after party. One of the men involved is Akon's business manager, Robert Carnes. Damn the co-founder of Death Row is looking less than gangster right now.

Boston Governor Makes It Harder For Homeless

Boston governor, Deval Patrick passed regulations yesterday that will force homeless out of shelters. Families who have been evicted within the last three years will be denied shelter. Families will also not be allowed to stay in a shelter longer than three months, cut in half from the previous six months. We are still in a recession and this does not help those who are affected most. Homelessness is a national epidemic and to basically turn your back on this problem is inhumane. Read more about this at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's Stop Making Bad Music Please!!!!!!

Call me a hater if you want but Soulja Boy's music is trash. His label head Mr. Collipark recently released a video on lashing out at artists who he feels have no right to make youtube and worldstar video blogs. I believe his opinion would've held more weight if he wasn't the marketing force behind one of the worst acts in Hip Hop. I wouldn't say the art of Hip Hop is dead but it is transitioning to an era I disagree with totally. Check out these videos of what's hot in the game...

Collipark speaks on video blggers

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corporate Backing Is Bullshit

Now I am not saying condone the recent actions of Michael Phelps and Chris Brown but their endorsers are wimps in my opinion. I understand that companies have to protect their product but once the entertainers they handpick to promote their cereal, milk or gum get into any type of alleged trouble they are ready to drop them lke a bad habit and that does not sit well with me. The companies such as Kellogg, who dropped Michael Phleps for smoking marijuana, and Wrigley, who dropped Chris Brown for an alleged assault charge are blood sucking leeches who will support you when you're hot and "it" but will leave you in the cold when you most need support. These companies act as if they hired angels instead of human beings to represent their product. Newsflash, just because someone has a talent does not mean they are a role model. We need to quit depending on entertainers to raise children and set examples; entertainers jobs are to entertain. If a man who works at McDonald's always makes sure my food is hot and fast and then one day gets arrested I'm not going to stop going to McDonald's to eat. Once again I am not protecting Michael Phelps or Chris Brown, but, I do say the fans, media and endorsers hold these people in too high of a regard. They're only human just like you and I.

Now I know it's Wednsday and I usaualy talk about an underrated Hip Hop artist but i just had to get that off my chest. But to make up for not schooling you guys on an MC I leave with a video from one of my favorite rappers who never saw 106 & Park, Guru

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama is Trying to Avoid Catastophe

President Obama spoke the people of America yesterday to push his stimulus plan for the economy. I simply look at the republican's resistance as the rich trying to stay rich while watching the common person suffer. His plan to rejuvenate the ecnomy puts the people who have felt the backlash of this recession back in a stable position financially. All I can do is hope it goes into affect sooner than later.

Here is our president breaking down his plan for the economy

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SEX! Being Themselves

Here's my band at soundcheck at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Me and the band getting it in at Berklee

Here is me and my band getting ready for a show in Boston, MA.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Downlad P360 Takeover Volume 2 For Free!!!

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