Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corporate Backing Is Bullshit

Now I am not saying condone the recent actions of Michael Phelps and Chris Brown but their endorsers are wimps in my opinion. I understand that companies have to protect their product but once the entertainers they handpick to promote their cereal, milk or gum get into any type of alleged trouble they are ready to drop them lke a bad habit and that does not sit well with me. The companies such as Kellogg, who dropped Michael Phleps for smoking marijuana, and Wrigley, who dropped Chris Brown for an alleged assault charge are blood sucking leeches who will support you when you're hot and "it" but will leave you in the cold when you most need support. These companies act as if they hired angels instead of human beings to represent their product. Newsflash, just because someone has a talent does not mean they are a role model. We need to quit depending on entertainers to raise children and set examples; entertainers jobs are to entertain. If a man who works at McDonald's always makes sure my food is hot and fast and then one day gets arrested I'm not going to stop going to McDonald's to eat. Once again I am not protecting Michael Phelps or Chris Brown, but, I do say the fans, media and endorsers hold these people in too high of a regard. They're only human just like you and I.

Now I know it's Wednsday and I usaualy talk about an underrated Hip Hop artist but i just had to get that off my chest. But to make up for not schooling you guys on an MC I leave with a video from one of my favorite rappers who never saw 106 & Park, Guru

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