Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bay Area Is Really Thinking Green

The San Francisco Bay Area is once again attempting to legalize marijuana. State legislator Tom Ammiano has proposed a bill that could possibly generate hundreds of millions of dollars in marijuana tax revenue. California Governor Schwarzenegger is against the bill (surprise) and California would still have to get pass the federal government before we're getting high legally. I am actually against the legalization of marijuana for another reason. There are many cigarette companies waiting to sell weed legally. I represent the streets and am against taking the money out of the hustler's hands and giving it to corporate America. I know it's every pothead's dream to legalize weed but there are other regulations that may be put on the weed that becomes legal such as a dreaded lower THC count. I don't trust this bill it seems too good to be true, besides al that glitters ain't gold.

Here's the CBS report on Tom Ammiano's proposal

Here's something to smoke to...New Spider Loc ft. Nipsey Hussle "Smoke 1 Wit Us"

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