Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama Addresses Congress

President Obama delivered a speech last night that addressed a wide array of issues which included the stimulus plan, tax cuts, regaining bank confidence, clean energy. outsourcing, healthcare reform, education, national debt, the war in Iraq and American torture in Guantanamo Bay. His statements did more than display a problem but delivered solutions. What stuck out to me the most is his projection of making college affordable for 7 million more students entering school. His quote, "The ones who out teach us today will out lead us in the future" is very true and his focus on education gives me hope for the future, a hope that has bee absent for the past 8 years. Dare i say his "swag" was on full tilt as he laid down the plan for what needs to be done in the nation. I guess Obama represents change after all.

For those who missed it last night here is his speech in its entirety

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