Thursday, February 26, 2009

Should I Get Used To The Ignorance?

The mayor of Los Alamitos sent out an email that had a picture of the White House lawn replaced with a watermelon patch and the caption read 'No Easter egg hunt this year". Now the NY Post cartoon could've gotten away with saying that the chimpanzee being shot represented congress and not the President but this one is just shear racism. The mayor also stated that he was unaware that the cartoon was racist and was just trying to be funny. That's a lie because there's nothing funny about watermelons! Unless you're talking about how black people consume them in a mass quantity. This cartoon ironicaly surfaced the day after President Obama deliverd a great congressional address. I'm waiting for the next cartoon, maybe it'll be President Obama in a velvet suit rocking a hat with a feather in it pimp slapping Michelle telling her "Bitch get my money!' but I don't want to give away any ideas. Check out the news report below

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