Friday, January 23, 2009

White People Love The Chronic 2001

So I was riding home after my show last night with my rock band and when the driver popped in Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 CD it hit me, this is white people's favorite rap album. I then started replaying in my head all of the times when I've been on a road trip with a white person or been chilling with white people or having a musical debate with people; this album always came up. The hilarious part is that white people commonly flock to more underground or "conscious" rappers but the material on Chronic 2001 is so raunchy and gangster. I feel like that album really gives them a chance to escape their pale exterior and really feel black for a little while. Maybe I'm reading too deep into this or maybe it's just a collection of really dope beats with dope flows on it but I've seen white people who hate rap listening to this album. Which makes no sense because the reasons they give for hating rap are exclimated throughout the album. All I know is next time I'm in a car with a white driver and he says "Dude gimme that Dr. Dre CD" I'll laugh a little on the inside.

Here's Forgot About Dre...don't act like Eminem didn't murder this shit either

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