Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Salute To Hip Hop's Underrated

So sorry i missed last week I was in DC as some of you may know. I've been swamped with everything under the sun as of late and am slacking on my blogging responsibilities. So with that being said I bring to you the triumphant return of the Wednesday Salute To Hip Hop's Underrated. I last talked about Bay Area rapper The Jacka and I'm going to keep it West Coast with Carson, CA lyricist Ras Kass. Ras Kass released his debut album Soul On Ice in 1996 and the album saw little commecial success. It is considered a classic amongst the underground though. Ras Kass then released Rasassination and although he had the backing of Hip Hop heavyweights such as Xzibit, RZA from the Wu Tang Clan and Dr. Dre the album still did connect commercially. His ability to weave through subject matter ranging from racism to gangster tales of the streets may have been too much for listeners to comprehend. In 2001 Ras then went into bitter dispute with his label over how he was being pushed. He started a "Free Ras" campaign to be let go from Priority Records much like what The Lox did to be released from Bad Boy. In 2003 Ras Kass was incarcerated for drunk driving and released a mixtape while in jail. He then filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Priority Records but was not granted release frm the label. He is also a member of the rap supergroup The HRSMNN which includes Canibus, Kurupt and Killah Priest yet no material has been released from them yet.

Here is Ras Kass' most succesful single to date "Ghetto Fabulous"

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