Friday, January 2, 2009

Fake It 'Til You Make It

I am not a rich nigga. I hustle and get money just like the next man. I love to get fresh and rock fly clothes just like the next man. But I refuse to wear these big fake ass chains like most of the rappers we see on TV everyday. We are in a recession and record sales are low, niggas are not seeing cake like they used to. With that being said a lot of these artists who only have one album or something but have gawdy jewelry with optimus prime's face on it are either faking it or going broke doing dumb shit with their money. There are still dudes getting it nonetheless. I ask the true cake getters this question though, "What else are you doing with this money besides balling out?" Some will say it's not their job to help out or give back. I can respect that mentality to an extent but I look at it as very selfish. I mean the people put artists in the financial position they're in. A free concert or regularly putting money back in the community they rep so hard wouldn't hurt it would just mean one less chain or car (boo hoo). The images rappers portray are so inconsistent. If a nigga is giving you a cd-r with his name written on sharpie and you listen to the cd and he's talking about all the money he gets and bitches he fucks something is wrong. I understand that this is entertainment but rap has such a large affect on imprtessionable minds that the youngsters listening to their favorite MC will sometimes do anything to imitate the lifestyle they hear about in song. They will sell drugs to get the real jewelry and real Gucci kicks. Besides the dudes with the money in the hood are the hustlers anyway and most hustlers can't rap so they depend on a narrator to tell their story. i just want to know what happened to keeping it real? If you've never made it rain, don't rap about it. If you can't afford a big ass platinum chain, don't go broke on it. If you can't afford a Bentley, don't rent one for the video. This industry is full of somke and mirrors, publicity stunts and actors. We need to get back to some reality before we kill the culture.

There is alot wrong with the culture outside of niggas being fake...listen to Busta

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  1. I hate to say or admit it but the same thing that happened to Jazz, Blues, and R & B is happening to Hip Hop. THE TAKEOVER!!! Busta is absolutely right because I remember when I would rush out to get the new Cube, KRS, or Rakim joint but today the good ALBUMS are far and few.