Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Was Proud Of Us Then....

I finally made it out to the protests in Oakland over the killing of Oscar Grant. I rejoiced when the news was released that Johannes Mehserle was in jail facing murder charges. The war isn't over but a small battle has been won. I got a chance to meet the mayor of Oakland and one of my favorite MC's Too $hort, both of whom spoke at the rally. The safe atmosphere made me proud of my people showing that we know how to peacefully gather for a cause. Then nightfall hit. For no apparent reason the rally turned violent and demonstrators shatterd windows and attacked businesses that had nothing to do with the issue they were rallying about. By the time the violence broke out I was on my way to San Francisco for a show I had laer in the night so I didn't witness any of it first hand, although I am still ashamed at my peers for their behavior. I am behind demonstrating for a cuase and I am also behind attacking police when need be but the businesses on the streets around the protest had absolutely nothing to do with the Oscar Grant killing and their employees more than likely feel the same way about the issue as the protestors. Damn, it started off so good too.


  1. This is an unwarranted crime. The videos show it all. You don't expect to see this stuff in the USA. Coming from Jamaica, crazy stuff happen all the time, but this is unwarranted under any circumstance, and also so public. Crazy!!

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