Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Salute To Hip Hop's Underrated

Alright I'm starting something new. Every Wednesday I will talk about a Hip Hop figure who despite their extreme amount of talent never got the mainstream succes that he/she deserves.the first artist I'm going to speak about is Queens native Cormega. I recently got to catch him live in concert and it was a very memorable experience If you don't know about Cormega he was shoted ut by Nas while in prison on the song "One Love". Upon his release he joined The Firm with Nas, AZ, and Foxy Brown. He was replaced by Nas' cousin Nature due to contract issues. After a fallout with Nas he released cult classic albums such as The Realness, The True Meaning, Legal Hustle and The Testament. His gritty lyrics paint a very true and descriptive picture of the streets he grew up in. Cormega is indeed a high caliber artist deserving of mainsteram success.

Here's one of my favorite Cormega joints "Are You My Nigga?"

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