Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Hunting Season

It's officially black man hunting season and the cops are trying to put heads on their mantles for real. It's crazy that the first murders in 2009 were comitted by the police to unarmed black men. This is happening all over the country so your region is not exempt. On the east coast we had the killing of Sean Bell, down south we lost Adolph Grimes, III, and on the west there were the killings of Michael Byoune and most recently Oscar Grant. What the hell is wrong with the police? There have been many debates about the most recent police slaughtering of Oscar Grant. People are saying that the protests prove nothing more than that the citizens of Oakland can destroy their property. I strongly disagree. I am from the Bay Area and it is the land of the Black Panthers and protesting is what we do. Demonstrating against the police shows a community bonded against the unjust actions that take place. Although there may be some damage to property that is alot less savage than killing an unarmed an in cold blood. I've heard cops say that the officers who commit these murders come from regions that had no black people in them and their only interaction with blacks was what they saw on TV. These men then become cops in some of the most dangerous areas in America and don't know how to adequately handle the resistence they face on a daily basis. I believe no matter how much stress and ridicule you face on your job killing an unarmed man in an unexcusable savage act. I don't expect justice to be served in any of these situatiion because I've lost faith in America's judicial system. All I can do is hope that the protests open some eyes to the fact that the police don't hold all the power. We are a people that have been bullied and short changed since we were brought to this country. I believe we've finally had enough, we might be closer to the revolution than we think.

Here's my boy Uncle Murda f. Avery spittin about this crazy world...

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