Monday, January 5, 2009

Music and Movie Bootlegging

In the past 5 years or so music and movie piracy has skyrocketted. Since Napster hit the scene musicians have been firmly against free music file sharing. Now that Limewire and an abundance of free download sites have sprouted the average person with no computer savvy has full access to his/her favorite artists. Music's counterpart movies, altough they have been faced with pirating, have not suffered as much financially. With the exception of Lil Wayne selling 1 miilion in one week music cd sales are just not what they used to be. This leads me to ask the quesion what is it that keeps movie goers heading back to the theater and keeps music heads copping from the bootleg man in Target parking lot. My guess is that the real movie still has more to offer than its bootleg option. The experience of going to the movies can't be replaced. However the only thing missing from a bootleg cd is the liner note booklet and I think I'm the only person that still reads that. People don't even really listen to cd's anyway. I mean when was the last time you saw somebody jogging with a discman? There has to be change in the way regularly consume music and the product we buy needs to be upgraded as well. We, the consumer need more than just music to listen to. We need something extra that makes that product unique. Until things change I'll be on my way to the movies listening to my botleg E-40 cd.

The current state of music has rapperes pissed, listen to Scarface

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