Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Ahh yes my favorite holiday of the year has arrived, it's my birthday! I turn 23 today. Even though I still don't know what I'm doing tonight I never have had a bad birthday, ever. I'm loking forward to being somewhere popping champagne and counting the seconds until my b-day is over. But seriously It's a true blessing seeing another year. I have a lot of friends who didn't make 21 let alone 23. Hell I don't have many friends who made 18. So I'm going to take today to chill out and be thankful I made it to see another year. Happy New Year and all that other fun shit. I'm not watching no damn Dick Clark tonight! P360 Takeover Vol. 2 drops January 20!

Here's my favorite moment from this past year...Holla!!!!

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