Monday, December 22, 2008

Hip Hop Fans

What happened to Hip Hop fans? It's like all the true Hip Hop heads nowadays rap. What happened to the people who idolized their favorite MC's and copped their albums on Tuesdays. I used to be at the record store every Tuesday spending hella cash on cd's. The internet is not completely at fault but largely to blame. The MC startup package which includes fruity loops, pro tools and a myspace page makes any average fan or nigga trying to blow up an instant "star". Limewire and other file sharing sites made albums free of charge. With basically anyone being able to enter an industry which used to be sacred the quality of the product goes down. Labels are no longer interested in building stars their interest is in keeping themselves rich during this recession. Ringtones are way more lucrative than albums and the catchy dance and hook songs are more popular than ever. Fans of real quality lyrical Hip Hop are not happy with this one bit. Some of the fans also think they can save the art by rhyming themselves. Unfortunately being a Hip Hop head does not make you an MC. My message to the fans of Hip Hop who believe the art is in danger is to keep supporting your favorite artists and also support the new wave of dope MC's. Cats like Wale, Charles Hamilton, Cory Gunz, Joell Ortiz, Reks, Termanology, Blu and many others are doing alot to elevate the status of the game. Look up these dudes support their shows, cop their mixtapes and we'll keep this Hip Hop shit alive.

P.S. 99% of the niggas who are hot right now have a live show that sucks! This isn't the case with the hottest MC in the game Lil' Wayne... I'm going to his concert in Oakland tommorow night and can't wait!

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  1. you go head and preach....that felt good gettin that shit offa your chest hu?.