Thursday, December 25, 2008

Unofficial High School Reunions

When I come back to the Bay Area I kick it with five of my closest friends. My cousin always told me to keep a small circle to keep drama to a minimum. So I went out with some friends last night and we hit a local bar. We went to different high schools but our schools were 3 blocks apart. The bar we went to was a common meeting spot for graduates of our high schools. Now I wasn't a loser in high school, I wasn't a dude trying to achieve ultimate social status, I ran with the stoners, thugs, band nerds, jocks, blacks, whites, asians and everyone in between. With that being said I hate running into people at these "unofficial high school reunions" that I wasn't even that cool with when we went to school together. Last night I got to see some people who I had lost contact with and was hella happy to see. I also got to see some people I avoided in school and was forced to have awkward conversation about what we're doing with our lives. If you really knew me back then you knew how into music I was, you knew I was going to pursue music as a career, so don't ask me dumb ass questions like "You still playing drums?". If I could put that question on the back of a jersey, hang it from the ceiling of my house and retire it, I would. Now all my people know I got love for them so this blog isn't aimed at you. This is for those who I never had real friendships with, the ones who never really believed in what I was doing and those who were "The Man" in high school and completely suck now. Do you and me both a favor and avoid me when we're in the same building. I'm an asshole but I haven't masterd the art of getting out of conversations I'd rather not be having.

Another random video which has nothing to do with anything but it's hella funny to me...P360 Takeover Volume 2 January 20!

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