Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back In The Yay Area

So as you know I've been living in Boston for the past 3 years. Flying back and forth between Boston and the Bay Area has its adventures and yesterday was no different. I've been looking forward to coming home, seeing my family and hopping in the lab working on that P-360 shit you know and love. It seemed like the odds were against me early though. As I was finishing packing I looked outside and saw the beginning of the first snowstorm of the season and I thought, "Fuck here we go again!". I've had my flight cancelled before and I couldn't go through that shit again. So since my cab to take me to the airport didn't want to show up I ended dragging my 60 lb. suitcase and drum equipment through blocks of unplowed snow to the train stop. My flight ended up being delayed for hours and almost didn't get off the ground. But nonetheless I made it to Cali (5 hours after my scheduled arrival) and will be grinding it out here for about a month before I return to the bean. I'm looking forward to good weather, good cooking and good times my peoples.

This has nothing to do with anything but I think it's hella funny