Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm With The Band......

My name is John Adams. I've loved music since I was born. I've been playing drums since age 3 and I've been rapping since I was 10. I've performed coast to coast, performed in venues from LA to NY and a couple places in between. Now I feel I am facing my biggest challenge musically. I'm trying to make it with my friends in a rock band named SEX!. This isn't just a garage band of guys who just started jamming though. This a collection of some of the strongest musicians Berklee College of Music has to offer. We have been creating buzz and gaining backing from powerful people in the music industry as of late. Still there are those days where you want to slap the face off every member of your band. Then are the days where you are reminded that you are on the right path. Like when the publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine tells you you're going to go far in your career. Then a half hour later two members are at each other's neck ready to kill each other over an amp. There are times when you're in a meeting listening to one of your fellow bandmates argue with someone more seasoned in the indusrty than them and just wishing they would shut the hell up. I am not throwning anyone in my band under the bus because none of us are perfect. I'm just venting about the things you must endure while making it. An obstacles we have to deal with include two of us having serious solo endeavors and one of us playing a lot outside of the band struggling to provide adequate time to the group. I stand by my theory that if handled properly anything done outside of the band represent and promotes the band. All things considered I feel like I am a member of the quintessential rock band. You have the front man who's personality differs with the other guys, two guitarists one of which gains as much attention as the front man and the other is sometimes just "there", the bass player who doesn't say much and the loud sometimes outspoken drummer. Things are getting pretty serious pretty fast for us and I'm enjoying the experiece every step of the way. Please continue to support us and check us out at
Here we are at the Berklee Performance Center 2/4/09

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  1. damn putting ALL the homies on blast! i'm still your number 1 fan and have been keeping up with you and loving every step of the way. i wish i was there!

    in spirit-
    keyboard p